Not so long ago, we walked upright. Our eyes scanned our surroundings as we made our way through our environment and our reflexes and observational skills were sharp. Recently however,  we have adopted a new posture and way of interacting with others – not so much in person, but through our devices. Add up the hours spent in our office jobs, driving, reading, playing video games, even cleaning and preparing meals, you will realize that we spend most of our waking day in a head down position.

The terms “text neck” and ‘tech neck” are familiar and we can all agree, it is not our best look. It is responsible for cervical kyphosis (neck hump) and the repercussions of spending hours in the head-forward and chin-down position can resul...

Not so long ago, people knew the phone numbers, addresses, birthdates, and anniversaries of family and friends. Kids used to spend plenty of time just daydreaming, inventing, painting. People wrote songs and poetry with pen on paper. Parents did not have to limit “screen time” or force kids to play outside as if they were being punished. In contrast, today’s kids spend more time indoors watching videos, playing video games, “Googling” on the computer, or smart phones. Most play dates and sleepovers can include screen time even when “camping” at RV resorts where Wi-Fi is as much of a must-have next to utilities and sewage hook-ups.

Technology has made information readily available to most people on the planet, and has advanced man...

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